The Evolution of a Canadian Earthbag Dome House

From Sierra in Canada: Here is my Youtube video on the earthbag structure I have been working on for the last 3 years. It is almost complete…just needs some windows and doors installed and some finishing touches inside and out. I thought you might be interested to see the progress.

Note from Owen: Great job, guys! Looks like you’ve started a new style that’s going to catch on. The roofs will help protect the domes in your climate. And thanks for sharing. Most people don’t document their projects. It’s more work, but sharing your experience is a great help for others. I look forward to your next video.

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of a Canadian Earthbag Dome House”

  1. Hello,

    I am emailing you from a television production company called Pioneer Productions in London. We are making a documentary series for HGTV about Extreme Homes and I would be interested in talking to you about your project. If you would be available for a chat perhaps you could drop me a line on

    Thanks a lot,


    • Carolyn, we have no connection to that house other than just reporting on it. You’ll have to contact the owners.


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