The Human Scale of Tiny Homes & McMansions as Fad

Another good video by Fair

“People who live in wee homes now have their own movement. It’s a bit of a media event, but it’s not a fad, argues tiny home builder Stephen Marshall (of Little House on a Trailer). While his 112 square foot caregiver cottage makes great press, he argues the perfect tiny home is 400 sq ft. For most of those in the movement, McMansions have no appeal tiny homes are human-sized.”

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3 thoughts on “The Human Scale of Tiny Homes & McMansions as Fad”

  1. (you can delete this if it doesn’t belong here)

    Howdy Owen, that’s a good video. It’s interesting what people will do to live outside government control. Before watching that video I didn’t understand the lure for 400 square foot homes, (other than cost) but it’s nice to live free of codes and such.

    I was thinking today, houses on wheels must be more resistant to minor earthquakes ? (if the suspension is good?)

    Also, I saw this interesting container home made from two containers :

    I thought it was a smart design, I wonder if you see any merit in container homes ?

    OK keep up the good work :)

    • Excellent video, thanks for sharing. I may turn this into a blog post.

      Container houses have a lot of potential. I’m not a welder or metal worker and so I prefer to build with other materials.


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