The Human Scale of Tiny Homes & McMansions as Fad — 2 Comments

  1. (you can delete this if it doesn’t belong here)

    Howdy Owen, that’s a good video. It’s interesting what people will do to live outside government control. Before watching that video I didn’t understand the lure for 400 square foot homes, (other than cost) but it’s nice to live free of codes and such.

    I was thinking today, houses on wheels must be more resistant to minor earthquakes ? (if the suspension is good?)

    Also, I saw this interesting container home made from two containers :

    I thought it was a smart design, I wonder if you see any merit in container homes ?

    OK keep up the good work :)

    • Excellent video, thanks for sharing. I may turn this into a blog post.

      Container houses have a lot of potential. I’m not a welder or metal worker and so I prefer to build with other materials.

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