The Incredible House Truck Michael Ostaski Built

“Renaissance artist and craftsman Michael Ostaski gives a tour of the house truck he built in the 60’s. To build his Land Yacht Michael started with a stripped down truck cab with a simple bare chassis behind and built EVERYTHING you see with his own hands (by himself). This includes: welding the foundational framework to the truck, complete skeletal system, extensive woodworking details, skylights, siding, roofing, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, stained glass windows, upholstery, tile work, airbrush, etc (not to mention the design itself).”


RV Living
Having a mobile or portable home that can be moved around if necessary has lots of advantages as we’ve discussed in previous blog posts. You can live in them while you’re building your permanent house (possibly onsite to save time, travel expenses and keep an eye on things). It can provide a small office or workspace for your home based business. You can also go to where the work is if necessary and not have to pay hotel fees. Build it yourself as Michael has done (possibly smaller and simpler) and you could resell it later.

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