5 thoughts on “The real way to add straw bales to containers”

  1. I want to do this in the midwest were Tornados are a concern.
    the container makes for a super strong structure with the insulation of the straw bales. If the structure took a direct hit the straw bale outer “shell” would be destroyed but you would be relatively safe inside.

  2. Just for fun, I’ll contribute a third attempt at a comment for this post, just to see if it goes through.

    What exactly is the point of using shipping containers in this design? The containers seem completely unnecessary and superfluous.

    The straw bales are more than capable of holding up those roof trusses. Dare I say it? It would probably be not only cheaper, but EASIER and FASTER to just build a “pure” strawbale structure without the shipping containers.

    Why bother insulating 3 walls of a container building, but leave the front face gable wall uninsulated? Seems rather pointless to me. Then there is the uninsulated floor.

    For my money, it would make a lot more sense, in money, time, effort, and building performance to build a typical strawbale house, and then use the shipping containers as storage sheds.

    Just my humble opinion.

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      Jay , what you’re describing briefly crossed my mind before posting the video. I figured this insulation strategy is for someone who is set on using shipping containers for the main structure. I would just use a bale structure as you describe, possibly with a post and beam frame. The fourth wall is probably a window wall for solar gain.

    • Agree completely – And, the exposed steel faces of the container frames are going to negatively impact comfort by transferring heat and cold right into the interior. Much better to do a load bearing, or even post & Beam – Here in Cali. we have earthquakes, so simplest method is sturdy wall (or site built 2′ shear walls at all corners.) Then minimum size wood beam with post layout for doors and windows per engineering loads..

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    Meanwhile, check out this amazing video called Landfill Harmonic. It’s about a community who makes musical instruments from recycled trash, and it’s a poignant reminder to reduce our trash problem. 24,000 Likes and over 2 million hits. Thanks to Carroll for sending this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXynrsrTKbI


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