Max, Nebraska: No Local Government

We often suggest moving to rural areas with few or no building codes to cut housing costs and red tape. This video sums up how one small town in Nebraska operates with no local government. The narrator (McCook’s Mr. Bill or Donze52) tells it like it is.

“More government means less freedom & more taxes – that simple.”

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Invisible Wealth of Nebraska

4 thoughts on “Max, Nebraska: No Local Government”

  1. Awesome :)

    I found out that in Maine those are called “Townships” and there are many :) But you still have to pay county, state, and federal taxes unfortunately LOL. But no building codes is definitely awesome.

    A while back you and I had a conversation about the outskirts of Rio Rancho NM, my pals built a cabin out there out of a portable storage shed. It was really nice. There were no building codes at the time. Guess what ? Like you predicted there are now building codes ! My pals are being forced to build a $30,000 double wide equivalent (? apparently) and have to follow tons of other rules. Their current home is not considered habitable and they can only use it for storage.

    Here are some pics :

    They were really loving it out there and now it’s a huge problem. Also, like me, no one will co-sign a loan for them and they don’t have the credit they need LOL.

    Next time someone says “I love you” ask them if they would co-sign a loan for you. I am rich in love but can’t get a loan LOL.

    Anyway I digress. Apparently there are a lot of people living on the outskirts of towns getting harassed by code enforcement officers (sometimes heavily armed). Check out this short video describing that happening in California :

    So apparently, the solution to building codes is living in an unincorporated area :)

    The United States is an evil corporation LOL, lets wake up to the truth :)

    Keep up the good work Owen !
    Craig from Maine
    (still stuck in Maine LOL, maybe I’ll just stay here)

    • I rescued this comment from the spam folder. It’s best to hold off until our web host fixes the comments glitch. (All comments are somehow being sent to spam.)

      It looks like your friends built out in the middle of nowhere and yet still the code enforcement people are harassing them. Too much. It looks like there’s no one around for miles. Just rugged desert. There’re not hurting anything. Yet these code organizations want to extract as much money in fees as possible to support their system. As I keep saying repeatedly, the nature of bureaucracies is to grow and grow. They never seem to downsize or limit their scope. The situation keeps getting worse. Have you seen the latest Nuisance Abatement vehicles? These are the vehicles used by government agencies such as building code departments to handle code violators/troublesome incidents/non-compliant individuals. What does this vehicle look like to you? Imagine it full of SWAT officers.

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