The Rocket & the Rabbithole

Sourabh Phadke in India has been quite productive lately in publicizing earthbag building in various ways.  He is involved with a school there, where they have been experimenting with many aspects of natural building and green living, from compost toilets to creatively using recycled plastic bottles to earthen plasters over earthbag walls. Much of this has been documented with short educational videos that he narrated and put up on You Tube. You can see these at


Sourabh sent me his latest work, which is a charming slide show in PDF format called “The Rocket & the Rabbithole”.  It outlines why and how they created a two-classroom school building with earthbags. This is now available for viewing at

Thank you Sourabh for all of your wonderfully entertaining and educational efforts!

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  1. What a great presentation! Enjoyed the video tour of this structure on YouTube as well. Love the bottle-bottom pavers, very inventive…


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