The Shift Toward Organic Architecture — 5 Comments

  1. It’s not just the house the bloggers want, it’s the life. The whole package. The land, the view, the space, the freedom to build creatively, mortgage free, and safely engineered for zone. If these “whole packages” sprung up in every town, in every county, we’d be one happy country.

  2. Shelter – one of the “pillars” of basic human needs and rights. When someone “decides” and scribbles down on a piece of paper that one has no such right – that in itself calls for a peaceful revolution. Oppression is the reason why George the III was fought back. Now we are at the same point as hamsters in a wheel.

    Only in America people cry over their “homes” being demolished by county officials. In Palestine they stand in front of bulldozers! Rachel Cory anyone? Why is everyone AFRAID?

    It may be those who do most, dream most. – Stephen Leacock.

    Dream BIG and BEAUTIFUL! Actions are NEXT.

    Out-smart them! If a “building” requires a permanent foundation – avoid it! Build a “shelter” instead with no permanent foundation. Give them back Knowledge and Love. Make them aware of their actions! With Facts and Truth!

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