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“Over four years ago I discovered Tiny Houses and fell in love with them. I have always been fascinated with alternative housing, from the time I was a boy I built countless forts in the woods. So we have arrived, I will be building my Tiny House starting in just a few short weeks!

I have no idea how long it is going to take me, but it will be a challenge for sure. To set the bar for you all, the biggest thing I have ever built has been a chicken coop. I have no finish carpentry experience or house building experience, but I have been researching vigorously, talking to a lot of people, and will have friends help out where they can.

Many of you might have remembered that not too long ago I thought building my Tiny House was going to be a dream differed for another year or so, but recently I received a sizable bump in income with my other job and things started to fall into place. It’s kind of crazy how everything just clicked all of a sudden. Within two weeks my income grew, I was offered land to live on two different locations, and the last few details clicked too. I then found myself sitting here asking myself, “is there anything holding me back from doing this?” The answer was no, I have arrived at the edge and all I had to do was take the plunge.”

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