Tiny Homes Simple Shelter — 2 Comments

  1. Why live in a house that costs so much, when you can have a home with a heart? I imagine my home to scale down when we build our whole home.
    When you can have more for less, and have pride behind it, it just makes so much sense. I can’t wait to have the land to call my forever home so I can build.
    We’ve got some people interested in moving in a spot in the mountains of Carolina to build naturally, mostly earthbag within the next few years.
    The tiny home is such a cool movement. Though, with a very young son, I wouldn’t go tiny-tiny like a lot of people do. I imagine something more along the lines of the video you posted earlier from the earthbag builders group.
    You bring so much to this movement, thanks again.

    • Tiny houses are mostly for singles or couples who want to be able to move the house if necessary. This works great to avoid codes, and people can live where it’s easier to find jobs. Earthbag, strawbale, etc. is better suited in some ways to rural retreats. You can still build earthbag in urban areas, but then you have to deal with code officials and much higher costs.

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