Tiny house for under $5000 — 3 Comments

  1. So fabulous. Seeing the tiny house can be occupied 4 people will even be 5 people. I am amazed at everything you do and you do it yourself. I’m really impressed with your work. It is even more amazing that the house costs only $ 5,000. Although the house is tiny but still it home and comfy and very happy to see the whole family can interact with each other. I also have a house that is not so big but not with design like you have made. The price is quite affordable and certainly eco-friendly and cost-efficient. Whatever idea of house you have, every idea is absolutely unique and different.

  2. Housing cost is indeed super high! I can see how and why you opted tiny house for your family. Though it is small but if it feels like home then why not? It is good that you have more time and more interaction with your family too!

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