Tiny House/Cabin made from FREE Pallets — 3 Comments

  1. YOU MAY BE ABLE TO FIND FREE rigid foam insulation.

    If you happen to live near a business that makes SIPS–Structural Insulated PanelS–they may give away their scraps for free.

    We had some pieces which were 4FT by 10FT seven-and-a-half inches thick, R-4 per inch, making it R-30.

    YOu will be able to keep this material out of the landfill and insulate your space or someone else’s.

    Yes, someone can argue about the outgassing or it being a foam…I have used it to super insulate a 220 Sq Ft space in a mobile home, along with armafoil radiant barrier.I am sensitive to offgassing, and have not had any issues.

    I can heat that space with a tiny Delonghi oil filled radiant heater on 900watts of electric. Even when it is frigid outside.

    I used the insulation inside of the space, also creating a dead air space between interior wall and my superinsulating materials. On what would be the exterior walls, floor and ceiling.

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