2 thoughts on “Top 3 Ways To Multiply Profit From A Piece Of Land”

  1. There are countless ways of substantially boosting production. Right now in our forest garden we’re starting to experiment with short/dwarf banana and coconut trees. They put less energy into the trunk and often produce larger quantities of fruit sooner.


    My favorite banana plant that we obtained from a banana grower last year is incredible. (This is the kind the pros grow for easy, productive harvests.) It has a really stout trunk and a huge bunch of bananas that’s probably too large for me to lift. Good thing it’s at chest height. Sometimes our tall banana plants blow over in the wind, but these short stocky varieties should not be affected by wind.

  2. Previous blog posts have covered several other very good options: forest gardens, growing vegetables on other people’s land (Curtis Stone, Michael Fortier), growing intensively in hoop houses and greenhouses, running pigs on rented land to eat brush, mixed agriculture, portable chicken tractor, etc.


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