Transitional Microshelter Homeless Communities

This is the sad reality in a growing number of areas – even in modern, prosperous countries such as the US.


5 thoughts on “Transitional Microshelter Homeless Communities”

  1. I live in this city. It is very friendly to homeless people and therefore the homeless come here from all over.

    All social services are completely overwhelmed and no one is getting any housing.

    They have been getting creative with housing, and have those Conestoga looking huts in this video situated all over town under different programs, some just for vets, etc.

    I talked to a guy who just moved into one of these houses, not at this location, but a similar program.

    He is so happy to have a home and not a hopefully camouflaged camp out in the wetlands you wouldn’t believe it.

    From what he says, their monthly payments are towards ownership of the house, not rent, and they can be moved and others will take their place.

    There is a lot of violence and theft at the ad hoc tent camps down by the river, and ridiculous amounts of garbage and human waste that accumulate very rapidly, and these tiny homes and conestoga huts are helping stabilize some people and getting them out of danger.

    The Agenda 21 stuff may be true, but right now, in this town, people need to get off the streets, and these programs are helping them.

    Most are very low income, not middle class being forced from normal homes to tiny ones. If they didn’t have these houses, they would be on the streets or at the Rescue Mission which houses hundreds.

    City, State, and church groups are getting together and coming up with solutions like this. Several parking lots at churches have parking for RVs and trailers.

    As fun as it is to theorize about globalist plans, these are real people who need a safe place to crash and store their stuff, and for now, I am pretty proud of my town for coming together and creating workable solutions for getting people off the street.

    Nimbyism would have killed these projects most anywhere else.

    I think even Alex Jones would approve.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I like your positive outlook. The key is to make these changes at the local level, not rammed through from some big program, and that’s what it sounds you’re doing. Working toward ownership is a big step forward.

    • Seems like most of our problems are man-made (and therefore preventable). Here’s a new topic I just learned about. A Canadian company is trying to buy up the electric supply contract and hydro dams in the Pacific NW. They quadrupled the cost of power in Ontario after taking over the grid there.

  2. As many people accurately point out in the comments on YouTube, this is not “stack ’em and pack ’em” Agenda 21 housing. Those are being built in big cities.


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