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Finished model home made by the trainee ladies at Haiti Communitere in Port Au Prince, Haiti.
Finished model home made by the trainee ladies at Haiti Communitere in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

“Simple, sustainable solutions to empower the impoverished around the world.

Ubuntublox is one of a kind; not only is it made out of unused, unwanted materials, it is a strong, reliable, durable house, and to top it all off, it looks good too. The house pictured above is model house built in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, and provides a good example of just how nice these homes can be. Not only is it an attractive building, but it is exceptionally cool in the heat of Haiti and is easy to maintain. It is also relatively easy to build, as its construction requires only a few, manual tools and a straightforward training. The house is made up of 3/8″ rebar, 12 gauge steel wire, plaster, and the Ubuntublox blocks. We will soon have the building instructions easily accessible here, but as for now, reach out to us for further building instructions.

Ubuntublox is a revolutionary new way of construction that takes on three huge challenges facing the world today: the shortage of durable, livable homes, the growing issues of plastic and agricultural waste, and the need for wage earning work for women. Check out the site to find out how we are working to make a difference.

Ubuntublox has already been tested for earthquakes at a rate that is over ten times greater than the one that destroyed Port Au Prince January 2010.”
Note: They have a new block made with the remains of vetiver plants after processing for its oil. Maybe the inventor/founder Harvey Lacey can give us an update.


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    • Vetiver is naturally insect resistant in it’s natural state. This may change by removing the oil. But once the walls are plastered, it would be similar to straw bale walls. Note: I do not recommend straw bale walls in tropical climates. It’s not worth the risk in my opinion. There are better options.

  1. If another earthquake hits Haiti, this plastic block house by Ubuntublox will most likely survive just fine. Watch the video above to see why.


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