Underground Cities

Underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey
Underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey

“One of the characteristics of Cappadocia is having plenty of underground cities. It’s known that there are more than a hundred underground settlements in the region and many of them are not open for visits. The underground cities, which are guessed to be used since the Bronze Age, used to be settlements mostly in Byzantine period, doubtless. In this period, increasing invasions forced local residents to build underground cities for protection and religious purposes.

In all of the underground cities there are ventilation chimneys reaching place by place to a depth of 80 and until the underground waters. These chimneys were opened due to meet the need of both ventilation and water. Within the cities that are tepid in winters and cool in summers there are kitchens, cribs, wine houses, depots for cereals, meeting saloons, toilets, shortly every kind of living space necessary for living. Within all the cities there are locking stones which can be opened and closed only from inside against to the threats which may come from outside.”

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  1. Very interesting. The way were trashing our world, we may be back living in caves. And, with the way the world is today, with all the nuclear, biological, chemical weapons plus all the “conveniences” we create in a can or bottle, we may find ourselves there sooner rather than later. They escaped Romans and other un-desirables and we may be forced to do the same. Humans are a strange creature. We kill our own over power, pride, money, false beliefs, convenience. I, for one understand if there’s people living underground today. I can’t say that I don’t blame them. It’s sad because we’re suppose to be intelligent.


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