WA maker turns skoolie, short-bus & container into home-office

Seven years ago, Jeremy and Mira Thompson quit their jobs and sold their suburban home to hit the road in a short-bus they’d converted into a mobile home. After a year on the road, they’d gone through their savings and were thinking about starting a family.

Now living on family property on Washington’s Key Peninsula, they bought a full-sized school bus at auction. This time they stripped away the metal behind the cab and embedded a wooden cottage inside their new vehicle.

Jeremy used his experience as an auto body mechanic and recent education in architectural drafting to design their conversions. He had also turned his carpentry into paid work and needed a workshop. After finding a very affordable container – one that had been tagged as scrap-, Jeremy began to convert it into a wooden clad (on 3 sides) office with a green roof.

Excellent video packed with inspiring, practical ideas like buying school buses dirt cheap at auction. The school district had to sell a bunch of them quickly due to a change in air quality regulations. This created a surplus and the price came way down. Lots of recycled/reclaimed items turned into a beautiful home and shop.

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