Want to Get Emails When We Make a New Post? — 7 Comments

  1. first I would like to say very nice website, it seems kinda crazy that wordpress would not just switch it over, o well gives us a chance to up date emails and such. I do love reading this site and have pulled it up to show friends often thanks Owen for the wonderful site and info. keep it up

  2. Zana, the usability of the blog is quite perfect. Next/prev. arrows staying always in the middle of the page (=wonderful), category/archive tree at the bottom is very useful and saves space for ads and other importans stuff in the sidebar. The order of boxes in the sidebar is also well chosen.

  3. Like the new site. But for some reason it seems to take much longer to load then the old one. Not sure why, perhaps others are having the same issue. I am using the latest version of Firefox. Also noticed there wasn’t a link to the geopolymer site.

    • It takes 2-3 times longer to load for me and so we just ordered faster Internet. Not sure if there’s space for the geopolymer site, but good idea.

      • Owen, It may be your WordPress theme or template. Some WP themes work well with all browsers and some are made for IE. WP makes it easy to change themes, you may want to try a few different ones and see how they load. Many themes are easy to manipulate and customize. You can change colors, move boxes etc. Up grading your server service might help, but my guess is you have a bloated theme.
        One theme that I really liked and worked well with all browsers was Atahualpa. It is easy to customize and is still one of the most popular.

        • I like the look okay, and numerous features are definitely better than the old one (search engine, more direct links to our other sites and book and DVD, and directory at the bottom of the page). But the speed really sucks for me. I just timed it at 1:07. This is about 3x slower than before, and our blog is supposedly on a fairly fast server.

          Bad news for me. Just found out we can’t upgrade to higher speed Internet because we live too far from downtown. Our service keeps getting slower as more and more people get Internet. I’m thinking about cutting down on blog postings to one a day. It takes forever to preview 5 videos for instance to find a really good one. Some days it doesn’t work at all for several hours.

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