Watch The SHED Tiny House Being Built Before Your Eyes

Robert and Samantha decided they want to build a tiny house. So…they got to work. And fortunately for us, they had their camera ready to go throughout the process. Sit back and enjoy while we watch this young married couple whose “combined construction experience is relatively minusculeā€ take their tiny house ambitions into their own hands. Thanks Robert and Samantha!

Wow, over 3.3 million views. Obviously there’s growing demand for tiny houses. Their use of plywood interior paneling and recycled metal siding simplified construction and cut costs. It would be great to see timelapse videos of houses built with more sustainable materials.

1 thought on “Watch The SHED Tiny House Being Built Before Your Eyes”

  1. A fantastic result for the hard work of this young couple – and if anyone watches their other videos, not only is there a guided tour of the interior, but also an explanation as to why the tiny house meets their requirements as a base for exploration and an outdoor lifestyle. For instance this further video gives the “guided tour” –

    As regards the construction, something that I have noticed in a few tiny house videos, is that people are making stairs with “treads” of flat, smooth boards, and no side rails. Stair treads need a surface which is non-slip, and there should be a rail of some sort to prevent accidental falls. Likewise, a gallery, a feature of nearly all of these tiny houses, really needs a safety rail to prevent a fall.


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