We Moved the Site! Still Need to Tweak Some Things…

We outgrew our old website, which was earthbagbuilding.wordpress.com… if you try to go there, you will just find yourself right back here!

Like most technical things, there are challenges. I think the worst one right now is that only some of the Youtube links bring up actual videos, while others have inactive links inside brackets. That is on my list for ASAP.

Anyway, onward ho!



12 thoughts on “We Moved the Site! Still Need to Tweak Some Things…”

  1. Thomas and Owen, I don’t see a way to move the comment button. This is pretty much wordpress standard. Besides, it’s probably good for people to at least skim the post before commenting!

    • I don’t exactly get what Thomas means.
      In case he means that there should be another link for comments on the overview page, it should be possible to do so.
      Owen, just email me the name of the theme you are using. I’ll give you a solution in some days…

      And regarding your youtube videos, a search and replace SQL-command done on the database should solve this problem. However, this should be done/tested on an offline version of this blog first.

      But what I am missing are links to the next/previous post when viewing a specific post (like in the old verion of the blog).

      • We’re working on the stats. I think comments and videos have been fixed. I’ll make a note of the next/previous posts.

      • I think the youtube links fixed themselves, Juergen, when I installed a plugin called Jetpack. That was a relief! I have the previous-next on a list of things to look into. (BTW, the theme is flexsqueeze.)

        Just got “Written by” to show up in the posts, right after the date and time. Owen does the bulk of the posts but my husband Kelly does some.

        • Great that you’re helping Owen…

          Unfortunatelly, the Flexsqueeze is not free, otherwise I could have helped you with the prev/next post link integration.

          Another thing is how pictures are embed in the new theme.

          Just compare how they have embed in the “old” version, like here: https://naturalbuildingblog.siterubix.com/2012/04/11/additional-passive-cooling-strategies-for-hot-climates/ (you’ll get a larger version of the picture immediately).

          With the new theme, it requires one click more, like here:

          One could say “it’s just a click”, but not very userfriendly. Just embed the pics like done previously.

          And another point:
          When selecting a month from archive, it would be good to have a list with links to all the posts of the month.
          Just like you can see here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-dtree-30/screenshots/

          • Those are all good points, some of which we’re aware of. Displaying images correctly is a big thing to me. Lots of people may not bother clicking the image if they can’t tell what it is. I also like your idea about displaying the list of months for each month.

          • Fixed some of this, one way or another.

            1. For next-previous, I found an attractive plugin that puts arrows on the left and right of the background ( I made the background a bit darker so they show better.) They are maybe not immediately obvious what they do but trust human curiosity to figure them out! They only show on single posts.

            2. Happily, there is a very easy fix for getting the images to be one click away. When you write a post, Owen, and you have put in an image and are in its settings, choose LINK TO IMAGE under link url. If you put in an image and want to check to see if you did it, while in the editor, click over the image and then click on the tiny graphic of a photo that shows in the upper left. I went back and updated the images for the posts you wrote since the move.

            3. Juergen, that wp-dtree plugin is very cool. I downloaded and tried it BUT we still have more stuff to put in the sidebar so it might be too far down the page. I am still thinking about this. On other sites I have made a very prominent link to the sitemap. To be continued. (BTW Juergen, Owen, my husband Kelly, and I are friends from way back, and not just cyberfriends.)

  2. Hi Ownen,

    Congrats on the new site – looks nice !

    May it reach an even bigger audience and educate them about natural building methods

    Keep up your inspiring work

    • Thanks a lot. It’s pretty exciting. We’ve gone from a freebie newb site to an independent site that can be expanded into something hopefully far better. We’re discussing new features like incorporating my house plans on the site and organizing them so they’re easier to search. That’s something I can’t do with my free house plans blog. We’ll probably insert ads for my book and DVD so new readers can find them more easily.

  3. Looks nice so far. It would be nice to either relocate or duplicate the comment button at the bottoms of each post, since a number of posts are fairly long.

    • Good point. We’ll try to get that fixed. There are numerous other glitches as well. I’m just glad to free of the WordPress overlords who can delete sites at whim. (They shut our site down the other day, in case some don’t know.)


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