Troubleshooting Our Email List

We’ve been having trouble recently with our blog posts not going out to the people who are signed up on our email list. If you are on the list and used to get quite a few emails from us but haven’t gotten them lately, please let us know (by posting in the comments or emailing … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions Most every topic imaginable about earthbag building and related topics has already been covered numerous times on our blog or one of our other websites., this page explains how to find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions and locate the most popular and useful articles. See these, on this site and … Read more

We Moved the Site! Still Need to Tweak Some Things…

We outgrew our old website, which was… if you try to go there, you will just find yourself right back here! Like most technical things, there are challenges. I think the worst one right now is that only some of the Youtube links bring up actual videos, while others have inactive links inside brackets. … Read more