Weaving Barbed Wire Corners — 5 Comments

  1. We do this barbed wire weaving in corners and around windows. I thought I thought of it as I posted photos a year ago of this same thing with in our face book group Temple Weavers and Dwellers.
    Thank You for posting this info.
    Best Wishes from Atitlan, Guatemala
    David Shodowolf

    • It’s not uncommon for people to think of the same or similar things, especially when they’re fairly simple. I know Patty has been talking about this since her trip to Haiti about a year ago. I’ll tell her you wrote.

    • Hi David,
      I live in Guatemala and have been reading about earthbag construction for a while. I’d like to come out to visit and see your building. I’m hoping to train folks on how to build like this.

      Thank You
      David Sgro

    • Hi David
      Thanks for mentioning your experience. I’d love to see the photos, and hear any comments.
      This may be very important for earthbag strength, but I need hints about the best way to apply it.
      Did you have trouble pulling the wire tight enough so it didn’t stick into the plaster? Was there problems with the workers leaning on barbs at the corners? Did you weave both strands of wire every course?
      Patti S

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