What if You Can’t Afford to Attend an Earthbag Workshop

Readers are wondering what to do if they can’t afford an earthbag workshop. Even my free workshops for NGOs require money for travel expenses. Don’t worry. We put almost everything on our websites for free. Earthbag building is very basic and user friendly. Follow the information below.

Helpful links for earthbag building in developing countries and disaster prone regions:
Earthbag Structures.com
Step-by-Step Earthbag Building Instructable
Earthbag Natural Building YouTube channel shows every step of building with earthbags
Earthbag Building.com This is our main site with all the best articles, videos and other resources.

Watch the videos and read the articles recommended above, and then start practicing on a small test wall. You’ll soon see you really don’t need to spend a lot of money on training. Attending a workshop for training is ideal if you’re going to train other people. But if you’re just going to build a house then it’s not necessary.

A reader sent me the video. It shows the current predicament of rural areas in Nepal not getting hardly any aid relief.

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