Earthbag Construction Opportunity in Jamaica

Hello, My husband and I are the managing directors for Delta Wellness Spa Ltd in Portland Jamaica. We just finished the initial testing and renovation phases and are now ready to start the planning phases of a Wellness Center and Spa located on Somerset Falls.

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Earthbag Dome Building Information Seminar

Sun, April 9, 2017, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM PDT “A one day information seminar and networking platform for interested owner-builders, builders and Cal Earth alumni, contractors, designers, project leaders and architects. Meet those of us who have experience and expertise for building Earth Domes as a viable residence. This is also a platform to … Read more

Give Young Nepalis the Chance to Take Back Their Own Country

“Stand on a Kathmandu street corner and meet the smartest, most talented young men and women you’ll ever run into, all determined to get their country back on its feet after a catastrophic earthquake. Hike into the mountains and meet their parents, living in tin shacks and waiting for government aid that may never come.

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Earthbag Training in Nepal Fundraising

Please, click here to support free trainings in Nepal:

All of us were heartbroken over the recent earthquakes in Nepal. After the initial shock at what had happened, my first thought was what can I do to help rebuild Nepal in the safest, most effective way? I believe the best solution is to train Nepali builders and other construction professionals in earthbag building techniques, and provide paying jobs through NGO partners.

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Free Earthbag Training for NGOs May 23/24

Free earthbag workshop in Thailand for NGOs and building professionals who are going to help rebuild Nepal. Dates for first 2 day workshop: May 23, 24, 2015 (hurry, that’s only one week from now!) Trainer contact information: Owen Geiger at naturalhouses [AT] *Email me for workshop details. Hotel: $12/person Meals: $1-$3 Emphasis is on … Read more