What’s the Lowest Cost, Healthiest Food While Traveling in Asia? — 3 Comments

  1. For someone who wants to eat healthy in Eastern countries. As a person. Who travelos around in China, Viet nam, Thaïlande. India. I suggest eat local.simply their food. Rice, veggies, cooked. I always found good, simple and fresh food. They are fusssy too.

    • But what type of restaurant? Small “hole in the wall” type family restaurants? Those can work, although often they will add things that I don’t like.

  2. Very nice report. When you return from mango consumption, you need to fix the facebook “like” link in some mysterious manner. I “like” your blog but nothing happens… even thought FB is a Corporate Invasive Tool of the power elite, it still gets the word out at the moment.

    Blessings from your friends in the deep blue ocean sea

    Pepe Polyp and Family

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