Why We’re Building an Earthbag Stemwall — 3 Comments

  1. I think this is an awesome way to build.
    Deck and roof
    Gravel bag stem wall then strawbale — outside of posts —

    This method keeps you, your tools, your materials, your friends and family out of the weather. It keeps your bales under roof and eave. When done, interior posts are thermally broken, won’t rot like a post and beam infill, will leave awesome points of attachment for shelving, counters, interior walls, joists, rafters, etc. It is a smart way to strawbale for a diy’er as it isn’t load bearing and doesn’t rely on proper bale compression. It is also easier to pound walls flat before plaster work. Also, a decent builder could be hired out to frame for a real novice diy’er.
    I think that I like this method :)

    • It seems like one of the best over all sustainable building methods. You didn’t mention super insulation values. Just be sure the roof overhangs are large enough to protect the bales, and make sure the stem wall is high enough that the bales don’t get wet from snow or rain.

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