Women’s Earthbag Dome Building Apprenticeship in Canada

Women’s Earthbag Dome Building Apprenticeship in Canada
Women’s Earthbag Dome Building Apprenticeship in Canada

Training the next generation of women leaders in the ecological design-build movement! Ideal apprentices are women who want to work in the natural building trades, build their own house and houses of friends, start a business, teach others, move it n’ shake it in the ecological design-build movement, develop a peer-based council of support, immerse in a uniquely powerful opportunity….and take the next step!

This 10-week, hands-on Apprenticeship brings together a group of native St’at’imc community members with a team of women who are enthusiastic about living, learning, building and inspiring the empowerment of creative unity to build a Cultural Arts Centre near Lillooet, BC. Fox McBride and Chloe Wolsey, lead design-build specialists, plus guest instructors, WASI delegates, their assistants, and First Nations residents in the St’at’imc Territory will work together with apprentices to build a multifunctional space that embraces the culture and dynamic vision of the community.

Source: Kleiwerks International

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  1. people needed to help in ontario Canada near North Bay ,will be starting to set up the footing for starting of july 2014 you will need to bring your own sleeping tent or trailer or rent a cottage or what have you?will need to bring your own construction cloths and boots.I will feed you,and let you try your ideals and be part of the brain trust and voice your different ideals on the project,will have a 1/2 yard concrete mixer to mix sand,stone,portland,lime,water mix for 3000 sandbags,
    earthship design with green house south side.just e mail likeherATlive.ca if interested


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