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  1. I worked out the cost of this wool from Good Shepard and the cost of cellulose/Lowes.

    R-19 insulation

    wool – $ 2.66/sqft

    cellulose. – $.40/sqft


    wool – $ 7.17/sqft

    cellulose. – $ 1.13/sqft

    Unless you can get a deal from a producer like Aly, wool is expensive.

    According to my calculations it would take almost 14 inches of wool to equal R-50. That is based on the Good Shepard r-values.

    Green Fiber (cellulose). shows just a little more for R-49 at 15.2 inches. Of course the cellulose.will settle down to about 13.5 inches.

    If there is a wool producer locally, it certainly would be worth checking into. Wool would be much easier to deal with. Wool bats could be handled easily. Not sure how well bulk unformed wool would be to put in a ceiling.

    Cellulose. is usually blown in. so attic and roof cavities would need to be accessible. Many places allow you the use of the machine for free when you purchase the cellulose from them.

  2. I have purchased, but not installed, the wool for my home. I went directly to a sheep farmer and paid $.50/lb for wool. That translates to a cost of $225 for a 500 sq ft (interior) house insulated to R-50! Can’t beat that.

    • Great! The money went directly to the farmer, the money stays in the community, there’s virtually no embodied energy in manufacturing and transport, and you get high quality insulation. R-50 is excellent.

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