Emergency Straw Bale Shelter Links

Hello, I came across your site on straw bale building and wonder if you can share your knowledge about the feasibility of building straw bale temp shelters for those braving the cold in North Dakota and Iowa to stop the Dakota pipeline. Please let me know as soon as you can. Warmly, Damita

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£10,000 ($15,000) Straw Bale House – Wales

“Brian Stinchcombe built his own straw bale house for only TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, as shown in this video. According to an article in the Independent, this house was due to be demolished in 1997, because the ‘planners’ (bribe takers, in other words, who work for the building industry, while pretending to work for the council) didn’t approve.

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Shredded Styrofoam in Earthbags

My name is Roberta, I live in Minnesota. I am writing because I am interested in building an Insulated Earthbag house and I have a few questions. I am thinking about building a play house first to try and then a home. I have been researching lots of different building materials and ideas. I was … Read more

Rice Hull Bag Tiny House

You can turn an ordinary post and beam structure into a superinsulated tiny home for very low cost, and minimal time and effort. This project shows how easy it is to wrap a post and beam tiny home with rice hull bags in non-code areas. Bags of rice hulls turn what would ordinarily have been a poorly insulated home into a superinsulated home that’s quiet and comfortable.

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