Yukon Chair Super Shelter at Grizzly Gulch

The narrator says this shelter stays about 70F degrees inside even when it’s below zero.

He reports: I love to use super shelters in cold weather. This time I had a wild idea to combine a Yukon Chair (a wilderness version of a lounge chair) which uses a PSSL poncho as a seat, with a super shelter. I loved the results. This shelter is made with a poncho, cord, breathable rain fly (nylon parachute cloth), mylar space blanket with reflective foil, thin plastic drop cloth and small poles. It’s low cost and can be constructed very quickly. The main components have multiple purposes. The poncho, for instance, can be made into a hammock or of course used as rain gear. Compare to a more common super shelter made with a bush bed of cattails and log firewall. Clearly the Yukon chair design is much simpler and faster to make.

Long Term Winter Survival Bush Camp (used for many years on trapper lines in the north woods)

3 thoughts on “Yukon Chair Super Shelter at Grizzly Gulch”

  1. You may never need one of these shelters but it’s good to know how to make one in case of emergency, and how easy it is to stay warm even in winter. I found a similar video that said these super shelters typically stay 70-80F degrees inside.


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