$1 MILLION on 10 acres — Scaling up the small farm with JM Fortier.

Curtis Stone, the Urban Farmer, and JM Fortier, the Market Gardener, are both are highly influential sustainable agriculture experts who are educating others about six figure income farming (how to make growing food profitable without expensive machinery). Their ideas can be scaled up or down. You can use their ideas in your back yard or on a commercial farm. They both offer a ton of free information on their websites and YouTube channels. I’ve already spent hours immersed in their sites absorbing as much as I can.

This short video introduces JM Fortier’s latest project – how to scale up his market gardening ideas on a 10-acre commercial farm. It looks like the project will be very successful and certainly interesting to follow. I love their willingness to share details for free, such as how they only heat the soil in the greenhouse not the air (this is in Canada!), and the idea to incorporate flowering hedgerows throughout the garden to attract predators which will naturally minimize pest issues. Eco friendly permaculture farming/gardening ideas like these are the future of farming in my opinion.

For more about JM’s new project, go here – www.fermequatretemps.com/the-farm
For more detailed information like this check out Curtis Stone’s online course: www.profitableurbanfarming.com

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  1. It seems best to establish the flowering hedgerows or other wildlife habitat areas in advance. I’m currently planning a small wildlife area 3 years after starting our forest garden. I wish I’d known this in advance.


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