Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet

“I want to introduce you to our company, Clean Up America, Inc., and our product, the amazing Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet (Patent No. 9301659). We believe it would greatly complement your tiny house designs and provide your customers with a much more satisfactory form of sanitation than incendiary or composting toilets.

The Sanitizer™ is a simple, low maintenance, convenient, inexpensive, and environmentally-safe solution for sanitation. The Sanitizer™ weighs just 45 lbs. and is an odorless, waterless, evaporative toilet. It runs on 120 household current and is easy to install. Just vent it and plug it in to use it. The Sanitizer™ has a high capacity. The solids dry and are sanitized for safe, easy disposal in the trash. The liquids evaporate. The Sanitizer™ eliminates the need to treat toilet water.

I invite you to visit our website at to learn more.
I hope you will consider adding The Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet to your designs.”

Ted Knight
Vice President
Clean Up America, Inc.
P. O. Box 5169, Arlington, VA 22205
“Join the revolution in human sanitation!”
703 532 2210

11 thoughts on “Sanitizer™ Evaporative Toilet”

  1. Gents,

    I received a call from one of your readers and we had a pleasant chat about The Sanitizer. Thank you very much. I then reviewed your blog and comments and thought you would welcome a reply.

    The shipping price is the average cost to ship The Sanitizer via UPS in the 48 continental states. It weighs 45 lbs. and requires double boxing and insurance to protect it. That is a pass-through cost on which we make no profit.

    The $1950 price is for a single unit. There are discounts with larger volume purchases which we are happy to discuss with prospective dealers. We try to tailor the relationships to the individual rather than insisting that one size fits all. I’m sure the price will be reduced over time as our R&D department discover new developments.

    I look forward to learning how your 50 watt bulb and pan works out…I think you’ll find a mess on your hands. But good luck with that! You might even save your projected $100 with equally odifferous results by simply buying a bucket from the local paint/hardware store!

    We all know there is no perfect sanitation. But The Sanitizer comes close. Buckminster Fuller projected that at some point in the not too distant future we would throw our waste away in the trash, thereby saving the cost of the infrastructure supporting it and treating it and the water that moves it. The Sanitizer achieves that and is safer than baby diapers.

    There is a two year warranty on the unit as indicated on our website (

    Again, thank you for posting our comments. If your readers have specific questions they may email me directly.

    Cordially, Ted Knight

    • Man your product is an easy bake oven for waste. Oh, that’s light bulb powered too. My point is, a tiny heating element in the 40w range could dry out waste within a couple of hours and the exhaust fan (PC fan) can draw out the moisture. So that’s your product in a simplistic view. You coming back to harrass Mr only shows how your company deals with the end user. Cute coents though. I like how you threw in the bucket jab. Because you are so professional and all. Way to hit the ground running champ.

    • I thought this was a good idea, but after finding out the price of $1950 plus $200 shipping is way too much. I asked about a warranty and Ted didn’t provide a response. I just can’t believe when people come up with what could be a good idea they go and give it an insane price. I liken this to the Earthship builders and their 145k homes made from recycled material. They have a good idea, but greed, the bane of humanity, ruins it. That’s why I chose earthbag building, and quite frankly, why my wife and I bought plans from you Owen. You are reasonably priced, provide great info…heck we own your dvd as well. It’s too bad there aren’t more people out there that price reasonably. And I know there is always the argument that using this toilet eliminates the cost of a septic tank and installation, etc, but let’s face it, this is a bucket with a small heating element and fan exhausting to the outside of a home. If you build a box, put a wide but shallow pan in the bottom with a grate resting over the top and then insert a 50 watt light bulb and PC fan inside, you will probably find similar results. That brings the price range to maybe $40 in parts, $60 in labor if you pay yourself well. And if you make it yourself, it’s made by your nationality so you can slap that sticker on it too. These are just my thoughts on this. I appreciate you posting this because it could be a good thing, if they’d be more realistic in their pricing.

      • Thanks for the feedback. Well, the marketplace will decide how much this toilet is worth. If it’s as basic as you say then people will rig up their own unit. I agree about overpricing. Ridiculously high prices aren’t going to help the world much.


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