10 meter (33’) Earthbag Roundhouse

10 meter (33’) Earthbag Roundhouse
10 meter (33’) Earthbag Roundhouse -- Click to enlarge

Most of the AutoCAD drawings for my 30 most popular plans are nearly complete, and so now I’ve started adding SketchUp perspective drawings to show what the completed houses will look like. My goal is to add one perspective drawing every 10 days to 2 weeks and finish in about one year.

I have several variations of this 855 sq. ft. interior roundhouse because it’s so popular: one bedroom, two bedroom, 1.5 story, and two 2-story plans. Lots of people love roundhouses. They feel really good inside, very relaxing and cozy.

Here’s the link if you’re interested in reading more.

4 thoughts on “10 meter (33’) Earthbag Roundhouse”

  1. Thanks for this Owen. We spent the last 2 months working on a small (3m dia.) shower room with reciprocal beam roof based on reading your site — ill send along some photos when i get the chance.
    I cant wait to see the rest of these in the coming months; hope you will have some earth-bermed versions.
    Oh, and these renderings are very good, Im no Sketchup slouch myself, but these took some skill as well as time.

    • Thanks. We’d love to see photos of your project, and possibly put them on our blog.

      I have numerous bermed and earth sheltered designs. Actually, you could berm this one and most of the others as well.

  2. Wow Owen, great job! That looks like a very beautiful home and a very fun project to work on with friends on the weekend. How much are plans for this particluar home? Ive always wanted to build a dome home with a skylight, but I think I would like to try this first…..I’m interested in the 2 story version. I just bought 1.5 acres on the outskirts of Knoxville, TN and am thinking about building several of these on the property as rentals……if this is a success, then I’ll attempt the dome home after I have some practice. Oh, and mexican (satillo) tile would be the perfect accent to this type of construction….In my mind, it’s already built and occupied ;)


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