Earthbag in Comparison to Adobe — 6 Comments

  1. what about water damage issues? adobe buildings are prone to cracking and leaking, or just water damage and mold. how is earthbag different? And what about earthbag buildings as dugouts?

    • Adobes are sun dried mud bricks. The soil in earthbags is very similar to rammed earth if tamped solidly. Read this blog post about Ancient Rammed Earth Structures so you’ll understand the difference between these two building methods.

      The article explains how rammed earth structures (some with destroyed roofs, etc.) have withstood hundreds and even thousands of years of rain, snow, wind and wars.

      What do you mean by earthbag dugouts?

  2. If using earthbag construction in a sandy climate (Northeast Florida) is a stablizer or bonding agent reccomended to add to the soil being placed in the bags?

  3. “…extremely strong – far stronger, in my opinion, than the mass produced housing being built today.”

    And that’s what I am counting on down here in Hurricane country.

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