Earthbag Construction in Uganda

Volunteer Opportunity for hands on experience and training

Hungry Minds Educational Society is building an adult education centre in Kisowera, Mukono, about 30 km from Kampala.

Uganda Earthbag House -- Click to enlarge (twice)
Uganda Earthbag House -- Click to enlarge (twice)

Construction is set to begin in January 2011 on our first building – a starter home, designed by community members. This will be an earthbag building, incorporating a root cellar, rainwater collection, composting toilet, solar cooker and adobe built-ins. We hope to finish by April 2011.

We welcome all volunteers to join us for any length of time during construction and anticipate living costs to be approximately US$500 per week. This is an opportunity for those with no experience to get first-hand knowledge of constructing using earthbags. We are also looking for volunteers who have skills in earthbag building to help with the training of our Ugandan learners.

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14 thoughts on “Earthbag Construction in Uganda”

  1. I Am looking for a co. or an individual to build for me on my property in Uganda. I have a beautiful pc of land.3.7 acres in Fort Portal Uganda.. I have a house plan n shape would like .your technology ..earthbags. please get back to me if u do build for individuals..using yr technology

    • The best thing is to learn the process through our websites, books and videos, and then hire locals to do the work under your supervision. In other words, I doubt you will find earthbag builders in the phone book.

  2. Hi? I am very interested in promoting this project here in Zambia. I work with various groups of people especially women and widows who are being given some pieces of land for small scale farming and staying. Kindly send/ give me information on how we can help them to build these cheap houses.

  3. Has this project been completed?
    I have a similar interest in building an earthbag building, incorporating a root cellar, rainwater collection, composting toilet, solar cooker and adobe built-ins for our children’s home. Maybe with 4 bedrooms and two children per room and one room for a house mother and too toilets and shower and a kitchen and a common area for children to do their studying. . Thank you for your contributions and advise.
    Be Blessed,

    • No, the non-profit group had problems dealing with the community and the project never materialized. What a shame. This sort of thing is common when outside groups work with people in other countries.

      • That’s too bad. We are a local group started from our base of over 47 village churches though out Uganda with one church in Kenya and we just got our 501c3 approval in the US at the end of 2010 for our children’s organization. We also have a school and orphans in Rwanda. We have great relationship with local magistrates and government officials.

  4. Owen, What is the price for plans for this modification on the 2-Pod house? And, in an earthquake prone area, would the kitchen walls of earthbags be any better than the 6″ brick walls?

  5. Where in Uganda is this building located? I’d be interested in visiting it before we start our construction of our coffee storage facility.


  6. Click on the image to enlarge. And then click on the next image for an even larger version.

    Note: The water tank won’t look like this. The drawing shows a standard image to illustrate where it will go.

    Not shown is the solar wall oven next to the double rocket or Lorena stove in the kitchen.


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