£10,000 ($15,000) Straw Bale House – Wales

“Brian Stinchcombe built his own straw bale house for only TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, as shown in this video. According to an article in the Independent, this house was due to be demolished in 1997, because the ‘planners’ (bribe takers, in other words, who work for the building industry, while pretending to work for the council) didn’t approve.

“Officials at Brecon Beacons National Park are worried that the 40ft by 20ft dwelling in the scenic South Wales countryside will open the way to more requests for building.” Yes, we can’t have that, can we – people building their own houses and living mortgage free. Affordable council houses are currently being built for a maximum of £110,000, maybe less.” Affordable? The walls of Brian’s house can’t have cost more than £500 for the straw.”

This article says Brian Stinchcombe’s house received planning permission. It was the first permitted strawbale house in the UK.

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