The Permaculture Orchard – For Anyone

Join Justin Rhodes and his family on a tour of an amazing permaculture orchard in Canada. This is an excellent 10-year old orchard by a professional biologist. Tour of orchard starts at 11:25. I’m definitely enjoying these videos by Justin. Be sure to check our Justin’s YouTube channel to see his other videos.

“Stefan Sobkowiak of the famed “Permaculture Orchard” Movie is showing us around Miracle farm in Quebec CANADA! First, he cooks up a fresh omelet from the farm, then we explore how a Permaculture Orchard can be more productive than a conventional orchard.”

Note how this orchard is pretty much a forest garden except the owner intentionally keeps things simple and limits the number of growing layers to just three layers. I don’t want to overhype this orchard but I will say it is extremely impressive. A homesteader who replicates this system using plants that thrive in their area should have good success. It’s very simple and practical.

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  1. Some other amazing videos Justin has just done include How Karl Hammer Feeds 600 chickens Without Grains. (They’re fed free food scraps, and they help produce tons of compost.) Another good video is a recent tour of Michael Fortier’s giant market garden in Canada (world class farm). Also, there’s a tour of Ben Falk’s permaculture farm.


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