$15,000 DIY European Style Tiny House With Pizza Oven — 5 Comments

  1. Wow! This is an absolutely amazing house. I am impressed with every aspect. Everything is functional, yet beautiful. I love how the couple’s strengths played into the creative of this masterpiece. Thank you for sharing.

    • I’m constantly amazed at all the new ideas coming out of the tiny house movement. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people tune out when they hear the words “tiny house” and therefore miss out on what’s happening. It’s good to keep an open mind and learn what other people are doing even if you’re not currently considering living this way.

  2. Hello! Me and my girlfriend are in Koh Phangan… could we come and visit you and your place? How can we connect directly with you? My Thai mobile is 0066 0829505579 and I also use WhatsApp.
    Thank you!
    Harshil and Aloka

    • Our phone has been disconnected since getting fiber optic, so no phone service now. Sorry, no tours at this time. Email is best for me. See my address at the top of every page.

  3. Very clever, very inspiring. I particularly like how they used ceramic cloth to insulate the pizza oven and the oven door to prevent heat build-up in the home. The owner said it was not difficult finding a place to park the tiny house thanks to having so many friends. It’s now the groundskeepers house at a school or church. Also note the small outside door for emptying the composting toilet. Good idea.

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