Ten Fold Engineering’s Unfolding Building Prototype

Simple technology that allows space, people and the things they live and work with, to be where and when they are needed.

– Versatile, self-deploying, relocatable buildings
– Technology that can radically improve the utility of familiar things
– Technology offering instantly deploying spaces of unprecedented size and practicality
– Technology that offers new ways to improve performance, increase agility and save time
– Ten Fold technology is easy to build and assemble and many existing factories will be able to adapt to produce it.
– Local and regional manufacturing will bring the product closest to where it is needed and promote employment.

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5 thoughts on “Ten Fold Engineering’s Unfolding Building Prototype”

  1. It looks like you would need to put the bathroom and kitchen all along one long wall if used as a home. Also, I’d add a protective cover over the armature to keep from jamming the unfolding mechanism. I’m picturing a rolled up tent flap attached with an industrial velcro.

      • Emergency response is a great idea. Having worked in international development for some time, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to access suitable office space – let alone in the midst of an emergency where infrastructure may have been decimated.

        • Most NGOs would choose simpler, less expensive portable buildings. Most couldn’t afford fancy retractable buildings. I think this is primarily a niche market.


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