The 20 Best Mountain Towns in America

Mountain towns are often some of the most beautiful places in the US, and can be good places to live and homestead. While opinions vary on which mountain towns are the ‘best’, living in places like this has many advantages. If you enjoy outdoor activities then you’ll understand the appeal. These mountain towns are popular for hiking, camping, biking, water sports, mountain climbing, sightseeing and other fun activities.

As people point out in the comments section on YouTube, some of these mountain towns have become very touristy with extremely expensive land. For example, a quick search showed half acre lots going for over $500,000 in Jackson Hole, WY, so don’t rely on this video for making any final decisions on where to live. The main point is some mountain towns are very desirable places to live and visit. Some of the old downtown areas are particularly nice.

Rural areas and small towns are also desirable because you can grow your own food, avoid crime and pollution, and find a simpler, better life. Areas near mountain towns sometimes have fewer building codes or less rigid enforcement that make it easier to build a sustainable home at lower cost and with less hassle.

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