3 Years Off The Grid Summary & Thoughts & Warnings

“A summary after 3 years of living off the grid. The Pros. The Cons. What I miss the most. Would I ever go back on the grid?

After losing my job just about three years ago to date and then losing my apartment the month after, I have been living off the grid and supporting myself.

I was kicked out of my apartment into a camper in the woods in the middle of a blizzard. I did some videos and they were a hit. So I kept making videos.

I later gutted the camper and am building my tiny house on wheels on the trailer of that old camper.

A lot has happened in the three years since then.

I have peace and freedom. I am my own boss. No more getting up to go to work to earn money to put gas in the car so I can get to work. At the end of the month looking at an empty bank account.

I am working towards being self sufficient but that will take some time and that is a story for another day.

I provide my own solar power, rain water collection and use a composting toilet.

The only thing I really miss is unlimited hot water and a long, hot shower.

Other than that, I have no interest in anything I left behind. I would never want to go back on the grid again.

Producing your own power gives you energy independence, freedom from bills and peace of mind. I never have a sudden power outage during a storm. I am in control of my energy.”


3 thoughts on “3 Years Off The Grid Summary & Thoughts & Warnings”

  1. Awesome video. I’m loving learning from this website and videos from it and like it. I’m watching the “mylittlehomestead” family on YouTube build the underground roundhouse. I wish there were more videos on underground roundhouses and making a roof for them,etc.Completely love earthbag.

    • DaRon,

      This is a link of a video of a similar undergound roundhouse that I am trying to complete. Hopefully it will show you some good pointers. https://youtu.be/Rcru7FrOjfc or Earthbag construction of a two story round building with a root cellar in Belize




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