$3,000 Earthbag Dome

$3,000 Earthbag Dome built by the US military
$3,000 Earthbag Dome built by the US military

“Amid the stony, unforgiving terrain of Djibouti, U.S. service members have been working with villagers of the Tadjourah region to build a “beacon for the community to rally around.” And the way they did it is pretty remarkable, as you can see in the slideshow linked below.

Using cement, barbed wire, bags, and dirt, Soldiers from one of the Army’s civil affairs teams (CAT) assigned to the Horn of Africa taught villagers how to construct a building that can withstand harsh desert winds.

Residents of the Karabti San village expect that the building — called an “eco-dome” because of its shape and the materials used — will have a lasting impact on the community. There’s now the prospect government officials bringing them electricity, and they intend to use the structure as a school or clinic.”

Read the entire article and view the slideshow at the source: You Have to See What These US Soldiers Built in the Middle of the African Desert

Earthbag in Djibouti

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