$5,000 Earthbag House in Senegal — 6 Comments

  1. I am so intersted in this way of living. And would like to purchase a house for this price. Can you tell me how to connect with these people and begin the foundation of building my own home?

  2. Right now I’m gonna stay two years in the Caribbean with my daughter and go to Senegal that’s where I’m from and I would like to know more about who I can find to work my project seriously concerning earth bag building…I say seriously cause I already had my hard times in Senegal , loosing my land of 2,5 ha so right now have to find a land again and step forward ! Peace

  3. Wow! Would love to have more information on the work that Brandon has done in Ghana. I’m not sure if the originator of this post will be checking the comments, but I am currently based in northern Ghana and exploring my options for earth bag building here.

    Through my poly-roll supplier, I have been informed that there are at least two sites in the Eastern Region and one site in Central Region that have built structures with earth bags, but I don’t know who is working on them. The communities are Akwamofea (spelling my be off, but it is pronounced Ah-kwah-mo-fee-yay) and Akosombo in the ER and Bogease in the CR. I will be building just north of Tamale in the Northern Region, so slightly different local materials available up here (i.e. not as much bamboo, different soil that is heavily mixed with clay and scoria, more rocks available, etc.).

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