Holy Himalaya Earthbag Projects

We have many social projects going on in North Dharding, Nepal including Earthbag Building. We invite your support or hands-on help on these projects (for whole or part of schools and community centre rebuilding and building). You or your group can come for any length of time and we will include Adventure options around this amazing area of natural beauty, plus add-on treks to the more famous routes.

We invite you to contact us regarding your groups participation in these Voluntour Programs that include volunteering and Adventure at the website mentioned. We can customise any type of contribution and adventure according to your group size, needs and fitness levels. We have a variety of social projects that suit everyone from students to professionals.

Eco Trek International
Hotel Holy Himalaya
That was a good workshop. Very beautiful location. I’m still amazed at the soil fertility. They had some of the best food in my two trips to Nepal. (They have their own hotel kitchen and chef.)

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    • They’re planning some big projects. Hope they get sufficient funding. They have their own team of highly qualified engineers and architects and I’ve seen some of their plans. Things should work out now that Nepal has approved earthbag in the codes. What’s lacking is major NGO support. Where are they? Hundreds of successful projects now built and still no major NGO commitment.


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