Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House

This tiny home uses lots of salvaged or reclaimed materials. Old fence boards have been turned into cladding and cabinetry and old windows discarded on a farm have been given new life. The home is designed to be completely off grid, with solar power and rain-water collection giving him the freedom to park this home on wheels wherever he wants. This is a well-crafted and clever tiny house with many features of interest.

3 thoughts on “Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House”

  1. In a previous life (OK only a couple decades ago) I worked on rebuilding an aerobatic airplane. I wanted a no-skid tread on the step to get into the plan (which was just a painted patch on the lower wing). I got some anti-skid additive to mix with my paint at a local hardware store… it was just crushed walnut shell! That oughta mix just fine with varnish and make a lovely non-skid surface.

  2. Something that concerns me about tiny houses is the stairs. They quite often have smooth treads, and no safety rails. Indeed, in this particular tiny house on the video, it looks as though the stairs have varnished treads.

    What if the treads are wet for some reason or other ? What if somebody takes a wrong step, and either falls off the side or falls down the stairs ? Frequently when going up and down stairs, people are carrying things – perhaps in both hands – and maybe the view obstructed by what they are carrying.

    It would seem to me after watching many of these videos, that more safety precautions need to be taken with the stairs in tiny houses. Put up a safety rail to stop anyone falling off the side. Put some gripping material on the treads, such as bits of old carpet.

    People in their enthusiasm should not forget such basic safety precautions.


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