An Environmentally Sound Alternative to Portland Cement

Cement has been called the foundation of modern civilization, the stuff of highways, bridges, sidewalks and buildings of all sizes. But its production comes with a huge carbon footprint. Environmental chemist David Stone was seeking a way to keep iron from rusting when he stumbled upon a possible substitute that requires significantly less energy. Special correspondent Kathleen McCleery reports.

6 thoughts on “An Environmentally Sound Alternative to Portland Cement”

  1. Has anyone ever used this material to build on a smaller scale construction such as a house? I think this may be a future alternative to toxic building materials now being sold on the market.

  2. Sounds great, and it’s exciting to have it so nearby (we’re in NM)… do you know what the current status of the company is? When I search I only find things from 2014, at the “he’s setting up a company” phase, and references to 2017 IronKast company who is supposedly putting the patent into production, but the page is a dead link…

    • I likewise can find no indication that this invention is being manifested in the commercial realm yet, but this often takes much time. I do hope this will happen, as the concept is clearly viable and of great potential to ease our carbon problems.


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