Another Earthbag Structure Survives Nepal Quake — 10 Comments

  1. Hi, I know of a village near the Himalaya that has been almost completely destroyed. They are interested in building houses, which are earthquake safe of course and wait for a model and someone to tell them how to do this.
    Are there people who are doing this ??? and if so, how to get into contact with them??

    Sharchen Hagen

    • I’ve turned over my training to Good Earth Contact Kateryna at kzemskova [AT] They have everything you need — training, training materials, engineers, supervisors, etc.

  2. Hi Owen,

    We provide full care and free education to + 650 children from the Himalayas going to school here in Kathmandu.

    Metal doesn’t work for school rooftops (too noisy in monsoon & too hot/cold, depending on the season). Do you have other recommendations for roofing?


    • You can add foil backed foam insulation to the underside of metal roofing. Another good option is microconcrete tiles (MCRs). They have all the qualities you’re looking for.

  3. Hi!
    I am trying to setup a NGO as well to go to rebuild some houses or places in Nepal,
    I have been trained by Paulina wojciechowska, however I am deepening my training and knowledge here in France at the minute, I would like to work with you Owen if it is possible, if there are people who are looking for others to build domes our whatever structures with earth bags, please contact me. All the best

    • I’m not much of a dome builder unless they’re in the desert. You might want to train with Small Earth who worked on the Pegasus orphanage in Nepal.

    • hello laurent. we are doing sand bag shelter project viz. New earth UK. at kirtipur. if u are at kathmandu u can join us n feel the way it is.

    • All of the buildings I’ve seen in Nepal are lightweight wood trusses with metal roofing. The one in this photo could have metal trusses. Both are recommended for earthquake prone areas.

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