Report from Her Farm, Nepal

How to build an earth bag house in rural Nepal at Her Farm

Posted by Scott MacLennan on Tuesday, 14 May 2013

“This is how we built an earthbag house in a village in Nepal. It’s cheap and easy to do. We incorporated buttresses in this which I think helped in the quake, It has no damage other than some mud plaster coming off. We used rebar from the top down through the bags to the foundation (which was rice bags filled with rock) at every corner, window, door and buttress. Then we ran horizontal rebar that attached to all the verticals. Finally we poured entirely by hand with some boards as forms, a concrete beam all around the top. Rice bags, filled with earth, barbed wire between as a mortar and buttress and rebar as above. Finished the local way with mud plaster. It’s the only building in the village people are not afraid to sleep inside of.”

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  1. The slideshow didn’t show up. You’ll have to go to Scott’s facebook page to see the slideshow. He’s publishing some excellent information about building with earthbags in Nepal.


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