Bamboo/Earthbag School in Mozambique

Bamboo and earthbag school by Bergen School of Architecture
Bamboo and earthbag school by Bergen School of Architecture

“19 architect students, 5 weeks in Southern Africa, a school building in 12 days

Students from the Bergen School of Architecture in Norway have built a school building in a Mozambique village using sand bags, bottles and grass. The building consists of an enclosed room for computers and a more flexible space with grass doors for English lessons, divided by a large sliding door. A reinforced-concrete frame was filled in with sand bags and glass bottles were embedded in one wall.”

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3 thoughts on “Bamboo/Earthbag School in Mozambique”

  1. i want to construct a school building about 5 class room in hilly slope.

    Please suggest an economic plan, and tell me how a roof can be construct/ with what material for two or three story buildings.

    • You may not find affordable plans for complex designs like this that take advanced skills and experience. Maybe you can find an architecture student who will design something for a school project. Or hold a design competition. The roof frame could be built with bamboo. Numerous roofing materials would work.

  2. To whom it may concern,

    Does anyone have contact details of where the school was built in Mozambique? I live in Moz and would love to see the building.

    Many thanks,



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