Beautiful Houses — 5 Comments

  1. For those who are curious, this post shot up immediately to number one for the week. The most viewed house is the stone house, followed by the adobe bedroom, cob house and the adobe house in Tiwanaku Village. The stone house is my personal favorite. I keep coming back to look at it again. I’ve never seen anything like it.

  2. It is disappointing that none of these are earthbag structures. Aesthetics are important when trying to convince others to consider new building materials. It is a problem when there are a lot of pictures of earthbag buildings that lack proper trim work.

    Some humans have an obsessive compulsion in regards to their house’s perceived value and will fight if a neighbor doesn’t want to do the proper trim work on what they think is a mud hut.

    I’ll have to mention that earthbag structures can look as good or better than typical wooden structures until the day comes when the majority of earthbag pictures on the internet look like something a non-initiated person would want to live in.

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