A Pattern Language of Natural Homes

From NaturalHomes.org: This is pattern No.74, ‘Animals’. Create a piece of protected common land where animals are free to graze with grass and trees and water. There is balance to this pattern worth considering for both the individual and the community. These are Danish geese at ‘Land of Legends’, a partly inhabited model Iron Age … Read more

The Choices We Make Impact our Path in Life

A brief tale of two home buyers… John: John bought a contractor-built house in the suburbs, largely because that’s what most people do. He didn’t give the decision a great deal of thought. He was eager to have a nice new home to show off to friends and family. It would provide a lot of … Read more

Top 10 Earthbag House Plans by Owen Geiger

Most of you know about my Earthbag House Plans site, now with over 120 designs, but most readers are not aware which plans are most popular. Here’s the list… [drum roll…] 1. Roundhouse/Dome Cluster 2. Earthbag Survival Shelter 3. 33’ (10m) Roundhouse: 2 bedroom 4. Pod Houses 5. Enviro Dome 6. Enviro Dome 2 7. … Read more

Beautiful Houses

A great way to get home design ideas is by looking at what others have done, so from time to time I’ll post photos of interesting homes. This subject should be covered more often. An adobe house in Tiwanaku Village Custom adobe house (more stunning photos at Balfour Walker Photography) Kate’s Cob Modern stone house … Read more

Earthbag Roundhouse with Siberian Chum Roof

I’m always on the lookout for alternative building techniques. In this video, survivalist Ray Mears shows how to build a Siberian chum (tent) using a dozen poles. Three poles are tied together into a tripod and the remainder leaned against it. Reindeer hides are tied on top. But what of more permanent structures where greater … Read more

Adding Character and Style to Your Home

It’s not difficult to customize stock house plans to match your style preferences. To get ideas it’s helpful and fun browsing good websites for pleasing design details: trim, colors, interesting uses of natural materials, window treatments, roof details and so on. Here are some of my favorite design sites that feature the beauty of natural … Read more